I have to admit I was so-so on the humour of Stephen Colbert. But, after having seen the speech that he delivered at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner I’m a HUGE fan. I was a little confused when the major print media failed to make any mention of this speech. It was like it had never happened. Further to that end the copies of the speech that had been uploaded to YouTube suddenly were taken down. Turns out that CSPAN had requested the take down claiming copyright infringement. The irony being is that CSPAN is funded by the people. So who owns the video footage? It’s not all bad news. Had it not been for the bloggers the Bush White House might have been able to succesfully make this all go away. The press in the US has lost it’s will to live. The bloggers have stepped in to take up the slack. Sorry Bush, we’re not going away. 😀Article Link

See the video at Crooks and Liars

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