I have been working on a posting on various password cracking utilities. This was driven mostly by my search for a replacement to LC5 now that Symantec has shelved it. As a precursor to that I decided to do a quick post on this tool. It’s the Ophcrack LiveCD. A bootable linux based CD that contains the tool and a set of rainbow tables.

From the site:

Ophcrack 2.2 can be downloaded from the project page on SourceForge.

The Windows version comes with an installer that suggests automatic install or download of the tables.

The Linux version is a source package. It can be compiled and installed using the ./configure, make and make install commands. The tables have to be downloaded by hand, from the URL given above or copied from the DVD or LiveCD.
Changes since version 2.1
New features:

* Support of the new table set (alphanum + 33 special characters) WS-20k
* Easier configuration for the table set
* Automatic definition of the number of tables to use at the same time (batch_tables) by queriying the system for the size of the memory
* Speed-up in tables reading
* Cleaning of the memory to make place for table readahead (linux version only)
* Improved installer for Windows version

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