Bruce Schneier has an article from on El Al and the TSA. In this May 11 article El Al airlines has requested that the TSA allow them to screen their own bags. In all honesty I would trust them before I placed my faith in the TSA. In 2002 the staff at the El Al counter in the Los Angeles airport (LAX) gunned down an attacker who opened fire on passengers. Now, when we pair that against a test (one of many sadly) that was run against TSA screeners in 2004 you can understand why I’m leaning to El Al on this one.

No other airline has such an arrangement with U.S. officials, authorities acknowledged. At the four other airports, El Al has installed its own security software at bomb-detection machines, which authorities said is more sensitive than that used by American carriers.

“This was strictly at the request of El Al, and we want to be sensitive to the security threats they face in their particular part of the world,” Amy von Walter, a TSA spokeswoman, told the newspaper.

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