This article from the Boston Globe website discusses the Diebold frozen screen problem that was discovered three years ago, has been quietly fixed. Now, these voting machines have been in the press time and again for their security problems. These include but, aren’t limited to, hacker attacks and physical access. Now we find that the Diebold vendor made the screen freeze fix WITHOUT informing the State (Maryland).

State Board of Elections Chairman Gilles W. Burger said Diebold’s failure to fully inform board members of the repairs at the time raises questions about whether the company violated its state contracts.

“This demonstrates the level of contractor oversight that Diebold requires,” Burger told The (Baltimore) Sun. “On Monday, I’m going to ask our attorneys to report back to me if there was any violation of the contract and what financial remedies are available to me.”

Further to this end they allegedly informed Linda H. Lamone, Maryland’s election chief, of the fix in a 6 page letter. Which then led to this,

Burger told the Post that if Lamone had withheld information about the motherboards, “I think she is not carrying out her duties as a public official.” Burger and other appointees of Gov. Robert Ehrlich sought in 2004 to oust Lamone, a move that was blocked in court.

Not sure who is telling the truth here but, I did notice that none of the security concerns were addressed in this exchange.

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