Enter the lawyers. The marching grey machine that is the Microsoft legal department is rolling again (does it ever stop?). But this time, they are going after annoying cybersquatters.

A landmark case, settled at the end of last year, saw Microsoft pick up £25,000 from the UK-based Dyslexic Domain Company. It was the first time Microsoft had claimed back not just the domain name but the profits made from using it.

According to Microsoft, Dyslexic had registered more than 6,000 domain names.

There are rich rewards for cybersquatters. Many link to lucrative Google-style pay-per-click advertising while others sell the domain names on for a profit.

I can’t blame them for going after these folks. Unless of course it is a legit site that isn’t actually trying to make any money. The real rub here being the accrued cash that squatters gather on the name typos et cetera.

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