Well, the Safari browser for Windows was released yesterday (a beta release mind you) and so far in less than 24 hours there have been several bugs discovered. (ex. 2) (ex. 3)

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In the process of reading up on this “less-than-zero day” I became aware of a tool that I, ashamedly, didn’t know about previously. The tool called, Hamachi, is a tool to test the integrity of a web browser.

Hamachi is a community-developed utility for verifying browser integrity, written by H D Moore and Aviv Raff. Hamachi will look for common DHTML implementation flaws by specifying common “bad” values for method arguments and property values.

Check it out.

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A couple of debugging tools that you can use are Ollydbg and WinDBG.

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  1. we should wait for a final version before judging this browser… i saw some un-scientific test that showed that safari really was the fastest driver.. i think we should just wait and see.. its in BETA phase anyway… bugs are supposed to show up!

  2. @Jes

    I agree. But, with the long standing Microsoft vs Apple nonsense you know that people were going to come out swinging.

    Yes, it’s a beta release. The bug reporting button should have been a clue for those folks in a rush to break it. I’m sure it will be vastly improved in future releases. Just a hunch.

    Thanks for the comment.

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