BlogSecurity has an interesting paper on how to create a secure WordPress installation. This gets into hardening the application itself.

BlogSecurity is excited to be releasing version 1.0 of its “How to Secure WordPress” whitepaper. The table of contents are as follows:

* Table of Contents
* Introduction
* Installing WordPress
o Accessing your WordPress tables
o Changing your WordPress Table Prefix
o Before Installation
o Manually Change
o Through WP Prefix Table Changer
* Preparing the Blog
o Changing your Admin Username
o Create a new limited access user

The doc tackles other areas such as SQL security and basic password strength.

Check it out.

Paper Link (.PDF)

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  1. Thanks for posting a link to this whitepaper. Many people install WordPress from their hosting provider’s control panel. I found that Network Solution’s install was two versions behind, and I bet most people never think about upgrading it themselves.

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