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Roberto Preatoni was charged Monday with unauthorized access to computer systems and wiretapping, said the reports (in Italian). Sources confirmed he is the same Roberto Preatoni who is a founder and director of strategy with WabiSabiLabi. A representative of the security startup declined to comment today. He said the company would send an e-mail statement later in the day.

Preatoni’s company was launched in July, billing itself as an online marketplace for exploit code that could be used to hack into computer systems. Legitimate companies such as 3Com and Verisign have paid for this type of code in the past, but WabiSabiLabi was the first open marketplace for such software. Preatoni, who spoke at Microsoft’s Blue Hat security conference just weeks ago, billed his marketplace as a mechanism that would allow independent security researchers to get paid for their work.

Preatoni’s work at WabiSabiLabi apparently has nothing to do with his arrest. The trouble reportedly started with his security consulting work as a penetration tester — a security expert hired to test working networks for vulnerabilities.

Sometimes folks cross the line. Whether or not this is the case here is a subject for the Italian courts. It is unclear at this point how this will affect the future of his fledgling startup.

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