Apparently, Microsoft feels it necessary to provide a primer on why/how IT managers should upgrade to Vista. I guess this means that Vista must be worse on sales than was initially ballyhooed. Circling the bowl like Britney’s career?

The primer that I mention, entitled “How to Justify a Desktop Upgrade”, appears on a web page found on their Microsoft Canada website (via Slashdot) which says,

“The problems with positioning upgrades is that, from a user perspective, the changes may not seem significant. But from an administrative perspective, some of the security features are huge,” he said.

“So, as an IT person, who is responsible for the security of the company from viruses and for making sure that everyone is safe, there are many features in Windows Vista that I like. It does a great job of keeping people from being able to browse certain sites. It protects from viruses, because there are a lot more things that will get locked down, and the lock down tends to be tighter. You have a tougher time having things happen accidentally. Probably the biggest hassle from a security perspective [with past technologies] is that users tended to run as administrators. In Vista, that’s not the default anymore.”

OK, so this is a patch for XP then? Is that the rationale? The article goes on to outline how XP is more expensive to run than Vista. Hmm, hardware upgrades must have come down in price and I missed it (yes, I’m being sarcastic).

I love this closing line from the document:

“The increase in security – the inability for users to just simply install stuff, means that you are decreasing the amount of reactive tasks that an administrator has to perform,” said Johnson. “This allows him to become proactive in all things you want in your company.”

Wow, I guess it’s time to upgrade…yes, more sarcasm.

This just tells me that Linux/Mac are beating Microsoft’s brains into the floor. No great shock there. I can only hope that the folks in Redmond spend a little less time with their Google fixation and get down to brass tacks.

Article Link

In case the page mysteriously vanishes in the night here is a .pdf of the original.

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