As the Olympics approach in Beijing the Chinese are diligently preparing for the event. One aspect of it that can never be overlooked is the security of the event. Not only the physical as the world witnessed at the games in Munich in 1972 but, also from a network security aspect. There really is a lack of appreciation by the public with regards to the amount of work that goes into setting up for an event of this magnitude. I have noticed that there has been little press on this angle so far. There are a lot of multinational companies getting into the mix selling physical security solutions. I can only imagine sales folks are jumping in with both feet on the software side as well.

From Herald Tribune:

In preparation for the Beijing Olympics and a series of other international events, some American companies are helping the Chinese government design and install one of the most comprehensive high-tech public surveillance systems in the world.
When told of the companies’ transactions, critics of China’s human rights record said the work violated the spirit of a sanctions law Congress passed after the Tiananmen Square killings.

The Commerce Department, however, says the sophisticated systems being installed, by companies like Honeywell, General Electric, United Technologies and I.B.M., do not run afoul of the ban on providing China with “crime control or detection instruments or equipment.” But the department has just opened a 45-day review of its policies on the sale of crime-control gear to China.

The network security will be of paramount importance as well. Especially when you take into account some of the folks who have recently moved into the neighbourhood.

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