Aruba Networks has rolled out an access point product that is designed for SCADA environments. As an added bonus (?) it is, er, explosion resistant. That sounds like a red neck challenge if I ever heard one.

Aruba Networks has announced a new series of high performance, explosion-resistant access points targeted at industrial and outdoor applications.

Aruba designed the new AP-85 Dual-Radio Outdoor Access Point family with radio, packaging, and operational features designed specifically for petrochemical, material handling, shop-floor, logistics, and SCADA applications. Robustly constructed yet simple to install, the access points include features targeted specifically at reducing both operating and capital expenditures.

The new AP-85 access points feature dual, high-power radios that deliver up to 200mW (23dBm) for wide area coverage. The weatherproof enclosure and ATEX Zone 2 safety rating enable the access points to operate in explosion hazardous environments and across temperatures from -30 to +55 degrees Centigrade without extra-cost housings.

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  1. @Gary

    That might very well be the case. Mind you in the article is said “operate in explosion hazardous environments” so, I couldn’t help but have a little fun with it (hence the graphic).


    Thx for the comment.

  2. I noticed that when you google Image “Explosion” there is one other Image just like this one, same res, but flipped. Which is the right way around?

  3. ya not really ive seen a fuel-air bomb tested on it and the door was blown into peices so small you couldn’t see them w/o a microscope. of course the frame still stood.

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