Here’s an interesting article. Apparently people have been noticing that their broadband modems have been crashing. It turns out that the culprit could very well be Windows XP with SP3.


Broadband modem/router maker Billion says XP SP3 has been causing its BiPAC 5200-series routers to go into a constant crash and reboot cycle.

The company has produced firmware upgrades that solve the problem.

Although Windows XP SP3 has been available for manual download from Microsoft since May 6, it has just hit Windows Update as an automatic upgrade, which will cause unexpected problems for owners of “unpatched” Billion BiPAC 5200 routers, and possibly other brands or models of router.

The affected BiPAC 5200 firmware versions are 2.9.8.x and 2.11.0.x~2.11.33.x.

Reminds me of the problem that Vista caused on wireless networks when it first came out.

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  1. Oh man don’t even get me started on Vista and WiFi. I used to be a wireless network engineer for a startup company where we did hot spots for a ton of hotels, dealerships, and one particular huge coffee shop chain and all damn day our tech support would have to fix freakin Vista problems when it came out and EVERYBODY called in for help. We ended up logging into over 300 separate gateways to fix the damn problem.

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