And people wonder why I never bother with sites such as Flickr. Nothing against them, I just figured that this type of behaviour had to be going on.

From Guradian:

A man goes to an REM concert. The conditions on the ticket banned taking photographs, but Steve Miller and his wife, who were conveniently seated in the middle of the front row in the Royal Albert Hall in March, noticed that everyone around them was taking photographs and the staff weren’t stopping them. So they took some, too – about a dozen nice, bright, clear, good-quality concert photographs. Miller put them up on Flickr, as you do, and thought little more about it.

Then one day in mid-May Alison Clarke, another Flickr user, contacted him to let him know that his photographs were up for sale on eBay. The seller, a user located in Argentina who used the name “willy

penc”, was selling numerous sets of photographs from concerts, along with printed photos of celebrities.

I was recently at a Foo Fighters concert and the same was happening there. Camera phones were everywhere. Not a single muscle twitch from any of the security folks.

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