We all love top ten lists. Face it. David Letterman has infected the blood stream. Well, Richard Stiennon has a great piece over on Network World about the top ten worst uses for Windows.

From Network World:

After all these years I am willing to admit that Microsoft has won the desktop and server wars. Thanks to VMWare Windows is spreading throughout the datacenter. And, of course, there is only one operating system to use if you are dependent on Microsoft apps like Outlook, Word, and Excel. While I have joined the chorus of security folks who rail against the Microsoft Monoculture I still cannot believe some of the uses for Windows. Some of them are just downright silly, some you may claim are criminally negligent.

So here is the Top Ten List of Worst Uses for Windows:

I would respectfully argue that the war isn’t over. Why? One word, Vista. Microsoft has declared war on itself from within.

I noticed that Richard still thinks that SCADA is a protocol. That being said, I am glad to see in number 10 he touches on a subject that I believe to be a real and growing problem.

For the list follow the link.

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  1. “8. ATMs”

    I was looking at past pictures from DEFCON, because luckily I will be attending next month, and found it pretty funny that the ATMs there had been hacked and were un-usable. I don’t think I’ll be using any ATMs around that area at that time.

  2. @Matt

    Lord no. I would be suspicious of each and every one. My first DC I arrived to check into the Mirage only to find out that “someone” had taken control of the elevators.

  3. haha. Too funny. Well sorta, I guess to the one doing it and not the ones trying to ride the elevators. I suspect I’ll see some interesting things like that going on there.

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