The press has taken notice of Twitter as it relates to the enterprise after Gartner spoke to the use of social apps. Twitter is basically a re-introduction of IRC in a 140 character limited fashion. At first I found it to be little more than nuisance. Now unlike Facebook, which is a colossal waste of company time, Twitter can have some real benefit. One such example it that there is a group of security folks on Twitter who have come together as “Security Twits“. While there is the obvious tongue-in-cheek and the running jokes, there is a collaborative community born out of this. So, in the right context this app can be beneficial.

From eWeek:

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social network and application use in the enterprise proves to be thorny issue after Gartner analysts make their case for the social apps. Whether Facebook and these other networks and apps will have weight as enterprise applications is still up for debate, but it’s clear these messaging and collaboration tools are here to stay. Whether or not they stay in your businesses is another story. Oh, and, like BigFoot, these readers prove multitasking is a myth.


Once you get sucked up into the Twitterverse you run the very real chance of losing your day if you aren’t careful. This is a test of your ability to manage your time effectively. If you are using Twitter at work or, ($deity) forbid Facebook, be cognizant of the fact that you are more than likely being watched and recorded by your corporate web logs et cetera. When you’re at work you always have to be aware that it isn’t your personal time.

There is benefit to be derived from apps such as Twitter. It is non-intrusive (depending on the client) and can be a great resource if you are “following” like minded folks. Be judicious in your approach and use of social apps.

Oh yeah, and always remember, nothing…nothing is private.

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