newspapera.jpg was pretty much the story of my day (and my yesterday for that matter) and I actually had help to put together the news and *still* couldn’t get it done before y’all went home and got in your fuzzy beds for some sleep. Sorry about that. I’ll do better tomorrow. Hopefully by then I’ll be feeling more like myself and the post-con hangover will be dissipating.

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And now, the news…

  1. Symantec gobbles up yet another email security company – MessageLabs – From Symantec’s own PR Thanks for the heads-up Leigh
  2. More news from the US attempts to vacuum up terrorists in Ted Steven’s tubes – Thanks El Reg The sum of all information is not the same as knowledge.
  3. More Bruce Shneier fan lovin’ in the Irish Times It’s all about the people, people who love people who love Bruce, people like me.
  4. Check out Wikia Search and the WISE platformsomeone will have a talk at BH-USA2009 called “Wikia Search Hacking” or potentially something with a pithier title like “Wikia Search Hacking for Your Fun and The Irritation of Jimmy Wales”
  5. Clickjacking… and now it’s fixed.
  6. Oh, except it’s only sorta kinda a little bit partially fixed. I love how we reflexively add “aholic” or “jacking” or “gate” as a suffix to indicate emotional response. We’re so cool.
  7. The Palin non-sanctioned-likely-illegal Yahoo Mail Leet Haxor was indictedWhat a Maverick. Thanks Innismir for that one.

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