As in, “the day after St. Patrick’s debauchery”, rather than eco-friendly, something Al Gore would approve of. Actually Al would approve, it’s been reported he was a party animal back in his uni days. Anyhow, it’s green around here. Hope yours is a great day!


The Intern

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And now, the news…

  1. Sizing the PSIM market – Security Dreamer
  2. Dirty bomb mail leads to malware infection – Heise
  3. Evaluating MSSP security before taking the plunge – Search Security
  4. The cybersecurity mess on the White House front steps – The Last Watchdog
  5. Court Asked To Disallow Warrantless GPS Tracking – Information Week
  6. More information on Microsoft’s DNS and WINS patches – Heise
  7. Aussie firewalls blocks Wikileaks – The Register
  8. Card-sniffing trojans target Diebold ATM software – also The Register
  9. Finally… it’s a small world after all…

  10. How to Tweet Your Way Out of a Job – I’m Not Really a Geek

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