Hey – if you’re here to get updates on Conficker, you’ll be disappointed. I had one article, I took it out. It’s everywhere and I’m sure it’s got a headline tucked into a sidebar of one of the following articles. Knock yourself out! Incidentally, removing all those headlines makes today’s list a fairly short one.

Make it a great day.


The Intern

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And now, the news…

  1. EU issues ultimatum on internet privacy – The Register
  2. Students boycott class after principal jams cellphones – illegally – The Globe and Mail
  3. Cloud Security Alliance Starts Up – Risk Bloggers
  4. An FAA Plea For Help? – Network Security Blog
  5. PDFiD – Didier Stevens a tool developed to triage PDF docs
  6. Google search reveals 19,000 credit card details – threatpost
  7. Privacy and the Fourth Amendment – Schneier on Security

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