G’day folks!

We had a 3 day up here in the Great Green North, yes Spring has finally arrived. Broke out the BBQ and added some beer to the mix, made for a great weekend. Let’s hope the week shapes up just as nicely.

Thank you for reading what we’ve got to offer. By the way, your hair looks fan-freaking-tastic today!


The Intern

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And now, the news…

  1. Much ado about Kylin – Security Focus
  2. Cross-Site Scripting, information leakage top list of website vulnerabilities – Search Security
  3. Web Attack That Poisons Google Results Gets Worse – PC World
  4. My ID Score – Technology Liberation Front thanks to @rybolov
  5. Adobe, Apple and Microsoft Issue Security Updates – Security Fix
  6. Protecting yourself from vishing attacks – C|NET
  7. Security vulnerabilities in Austrian Citizen Card despite certification – Heise In an effort not to link to a dozen articles at Heise, I’m merely going to suggest having a look around. Good stuff there recently.
  8. “Security is dead” must DIE. – Layer 8
  9. Linux group, Microsoft form unholy alliance against US lawyers – The Register
  10. Cloud Security: Danger (and Opportunity) Ahead – CSO Online
  11. And finally, one that is nothing more than a reminder that every text you send could be water cooler fodder the following morning. =)

  12. TFLN – Texts From Last Night thanks @shrdlu!

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