Is this thing on? I haven’t posted anything but the news since I became a contributor to the digest. In reading the following article however, I felt it important enough to speak up a little bit.

Apparently Microsoft isn’t content with pissing off it’s own IE users, now it’s urinating in the Mueslix of Firefox users as well. In a service pack earlier this year, the company included a bonus, a feature, an add-on to the users Firefox browser which allows websites to install software on the users computer. This doesn’t sound like much a problem, just uninstall it. Right?

Wrong. To uninstall means, according to Microsoft, to modify the Windows registry. I don’t know about you, but I’m not sure the average user is up for that task.

You can read the original article, I’m expecting Dad’s call any minute now…

Have a great weekend!


The Intern

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