Morning all! Hope you are all recovering from your *wild* Canada Day parties.

I’m sleepy. I had some dream about Scarlett Johansson last night, hmmm I wonder why?

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And now, the news…

  1. Facebook URLs Reveal Browsing History – fbhive
  2. Kremlin may tighten up internet use in Russia – Guardian
  3. GhostExodus, the ETA, and a Control-Systems Incident at Carrell Clinic (Part 1) – McGrew Security
  4. New AES Attack Documented – SlashDot
  5. Hospital Hacker Arrested – The Register
  6. Suspected Rolling Stones DDoS – The Register
  7. Malzilla: Exploring scareware and drive-by malware – Hollistic InfoSec
  8. Mozillas Content Security Policy – ha.ckers
  9. Live Blog: The Facebook Privacy Conference Call – TechCrunch
  10. InfoSex Sells – Developing Security
  11. China Fears Us As We Fear Them – FCW

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