Evidence that a zero day can happen to anyone. The good folks over at Matasano woke this morning to the rather unfortunate realization that their web server had been defaced. In addition to the defacement, which was taken offline in relatively short order, the instigators posted a mirror, of a sort, to the Full Disclosure mailing list.

Thanks to “Z” and everyone who sent in screen caps and supporting material to our “tips SHIFT2” email.

Will post more as information rolls in.

UPDATE: From a trusted source of Liquidmatrix we hear that it was a tcpwrapped sshd at Matasano.

Hmm. As the tips roll in I’m starting to wonder if this was a hack at all. Disgruntled insider evil or a bad password?


  1. On a somewhat unrelated note, Defcon approaches and if I recall correctly, I owe Dave Lewis, James and the intern a beer. Who’s cashing in on this?

  2. @The Intern

    Good stuff man. I’ll have someone harass you on twitter and track you down for said alcohol.

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