Again Ehud Tenenbaum, aka “The Analyzer,” is off to jail. This time for a $10 million dollar heist. The funny part was that it was the Canadian authorities that caught him. The US filed for extradition almost immediately. I find it odd that Canada caved in when we had him dead to rights for theft here.

From Wired:

The Israeli hacker was arrested in Canada last year for allegedly stealing about $1.5 million from Canadian banks. But before Canadian authorities could prosecute him, U.S. officials filed an extradition request to bring him to the States.

Prosecutors alleged in an extradition affidavit that Tenenbaum hacked into two U.S. banks, a credit- and debit-card distribution company and a payment processor, in what they called a global “cash-out” conspiracy. But he was only charged with one count of conspiracy to commit access-device fraud and one count of access-device fraud.

One count? My radar is suddenly up and sweeping the area. Was a deal cut? I guess we’ll see when the sentence is handed down November 19, 2009. He could get up to 15 years but, I have a hunch that won’t play out that way.

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