Morning kind readers! Things are starting to look up here for me at least for the moment. Seeing one of my favorite bands perform last night for the first time in almost 10 years is just the cherry. 🙂



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And now, the news…

  1. SQL Injection in Yahoo – Security-sh3ll
  2. Few Days Later, Little Calmer Now – Uncommon Sesnse Security
  3. Incoming CEO’s Manifesto for New Pirate Bay – Threat Level
  4. Flash attack vectors (and worms) – SANS
  5. Massive Twitter Cross Site Scripting Vulnerability – David Naylor
  6. Is it an endpoint or is it a computer? Plain speaking or vagueness? – Innismir
  7. Thew New Threat to Oil Supplies: Hackers – Foreign Policy
  8. Cisco Downplays WLAN Vulnerability – PC World
  9. All GSM Calls Under Threat From Hackers – Dark Reading

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