Hot off the press. Great news today! Wade dropped me a line to let me know that a new version of BeEF was just released! For those of you who might not be familiar with the tool its a browser exploitation framework that’s full of WIN! Oh, and that includes integration with Metasploit.


BeEF is a browser exploitation framework. This tool will demonstrate the collecting of zombie browsers and browser vulnerabilities in real-time. It provides a command and control interface which facilitates the targeting of individual or groups of zombie browsers.

Enhancements in the latest version include:

* Integration with Metasploit via XMLRPC
* Mozilla extension exploitation support
* New browser functionality detection modules
* Tiered logging for module actions and results

Here are some screenshots:

zombiedetails log metasploit autopwn detecturlsmodule alertmodule tormodule zombie

Download BeEF

Just to be clear, that BeEF, not Beefcake 😉


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