Whoops. I fell asleep in front of my laptop. Hence this REALLY late edition. Have a great…well, the last few minutes of today anyway.


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And now, the news…

  1. JC Penney Tried to Block Publication of Data Breach | PC World
  2. Escape From PDF | Didier Stevens
  3. Hacker teen gets 3 years | Shanghai Daily
  4. ‘Breach’ game code theft at PAX East ends in arrest | Joystiq
  5. Griffin Hospital Data Breach | Valley Independent Sentinel
  6. Barnet Council loses thousands of children’s personal files | Ham & High
  7. Zurich in security pledge after data breach | The Independent
  8. Geohot On Playstation Firmware, Don’t Update | On the PlayStation 3
  9. TJX hacker’s ‘lieutenant’ gets 7-year sentence | Boston Globe

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