The critical infrastructure folks in Italy suffered a security failure at the hands of the Anonymous crew. A cache of documents was purloined by the rag tag bunch.

From The Register:

The documents – 8GB of files – were extracted from a system maintained by the Centro Nazionale Anticrimine Informatico per la Protezione delle Infrastrutture Critiche (CNAIPIC), the organisation charged with guarding the country’s critical IT infrastructure. In a message on Twitter announcing the release, Anonymous said it had received the files from an unnamed “source”, prior to posting a sample of the files onto Pastebin. “#AntiSec strikes at Italy Government. Silent no more,” it said.

A “source” hmm? So, do the Italians have their own Manning?

Will there be more to come? What’s Italian for “blue screen”?

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(Image used under CC from ilmungo)

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