Today I received a marketing email from a company called Bit9 who has a product that provides white listing for Windows based computers. Now, typically I would peruse such email for a moment and then, give it a royal send off into the waste bin committing it’s 1s and 0s back to the universe.

But, this time I was caught off guard.

The sheer audacity of this email was such that I had to vent…

Um, surely I misread that claim/boast/braggadocio?

From the email:

Dear Colleague,

Have you heard of Flame – the latest high-profile cyber-attack – and are you concerned that you are vulnerable to attacks like it?

Gartner released a report on Flame and recommended “using ‘whitelisting’ approaches for critical servers whenever possible” to go beyond simple signature or pattern detection.

Bit9 stopped Flame. Want to learn how?

From the site screen capture:

Oh, do tell! So, you mean to tell me that your software succeeded where everyone else missed the boat? Bravo I say, bravo. I’m sure that the malware writers who created Flame wouldn’t have thought to have a shim into the kernel to bypass your tech as a person smarter than me pointed out. And your clients were protected? Great!

But, wait a tick. Your clients were protected?

Wasn’t Iran ostensibly the target of Flame? So, are you suggesting Bit9 was protecting the Iranian military program?

Hmm, that would be awkward wouldn’t it?

H/T to Rob Rosenberger

(Image used under CC from jrbrubaker)