Oh my…*facepalm*

Microsoft’s development director, Craig Mundie, blames hackers for the smartphone problems that Microsoft has suffered to date.

From BGR:

“During [the time that Apple was building the iPhone], Windows went through a difficult period where we had to shift a huge amount of our focus to security engineering,” said Mundie. “The criminal activity in cyberspace was growing dramatically ten years ago, and Microsoft was basically the only company that had enough volume for it to be a target. In part because of that, Windows Vista took a long time to be born.”

Yeah…that was the reason.

And Mundie goes on to lament that they had a music player and a touch device before Apple. Um, being first only counts if it doesn’t suck my friend.

Adapt or perish.

Exhibit A:

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(Image used under CC from iirraa)
(Image used under CC from Florian SEROUSSI)

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