You know it seems like only an hour ago I was writing up a post about South Carolina have a breach affecting 3.6 million taxpayers. Well, Just a days drive north we find ourselves in picturesque Vermont with 85,000 Vermont credit union customers saying WTF?

From SC Magazine:

Two unencrypted backup tapes from Vermont’s largest credit union, the Montpelier-based Vermont State Employees Credit Union, are believed to have been accidentally thrown away. Shades of TD Bank.

How many victims? Up to 85,000 credit union members.

What type of personal information? Names, Social Security numbers, driver’s license numbers, addresses, account information and transaction records.

Ugh. I can understand if there was some serious breach or international spies purloined the data but…they threw…the tapes…out. Good thing that you can’t find tape drives to read those unencypted…

What’s that?

You can?

On eBay you say?

Well, shit.

For more on this breach (read: wetware fail) follow the source link.

Source: Article Link

(Image used under CC from Phil Aaronson)

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