The Kremlin’s new internet surveillance plan went into effect on Nov 1, 2012. Of course I can help but, to crack wise with “In Soviet Russia, Internet watches YOU”.

Yes, I know they’re no longer Soviets.

But, one can’ help but, to draw parallels between the government today and the regimes of the past.

From Wired:

Signed into law by Vladimir Putin on July 28, the internet-filtering measure contains a single, innocuous-sounding paragraph that allows those compiling the Register to draw on court decisions relating to the banning of websites. The problem is, the courts have ruled to block more than child pornographers’ sites. The judges have also agreed to online bans on political extremists and opponents of the Putin regime.

The new system allows ISPs not only to filter traffic, but to monitor it on a nationwide scale.
The principle of internet censorship is not a new one to the Russian authorities.

The darkening of the internet continues to roll on unabated. The part that caught my eye in particular was that the judges agreed to banning “opponents of the Putin regime” which could easily be viewed as anyone with a dissenting viewpoint.

Imagine if you will, a similar law rolling out in say, UK, Canada or USA. Rather chilling thought but, not beyond the scope of possible. Not trying to sow the seeds of fear uncertainty and doubt. Rather, sober look needs to be taken with respects to the Internet as a whole and cumulative effect of all of these laws on a global scale.

Damn the fine print. Did it just get cold in here?

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(Image used under CC from josef.stuefer)

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