The Taliban, known less for their love of humanity and kittens as they are for violence, are growing to be better known for technological derps.

So, how did the manage to do it this week? Well, apparently the use of BCC or blind carbon copy was a little too difficult to master for Taliban email. They managed to email out the full mailing list…in the CC field. This included roughly 400 journalists and other assorted types.

From ABC:

The names were disclosed in an email by Qari Yousuf Ahmedi, an official Taliban spokesperson, on Saturday. The email was a press release he received from the account of Zabihullah Mujahid, another Taliban spokesperson. Ahmedi then forwarded Mujahid’s email to the full Taliban mailing list, but rather than using the BCC function, or blind carbon copy which keeps email addresses private, Ahmedi made the addresses public.

“Taliban have included all 4 of my email addresses on the leaked distribution list,” tweeted journalist Mustafa Kazemi, a prolific Kabul-based tweeter with more than 9,500 followers. “Quite reassuring to my safety.”

Whether it’s asking their opponents to not track (and kill) them via their cell phones or lacking the ability to master email, they get a derp this week.

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(Image used under CC from bloody marty mix)

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