Episode 0x33

Liquidmatrix Live at SecTor 2013

In a literal first, the entire Liquidmatrix Podcast crew were in the same room at the same time. After nearly 18 months of (kinda) weekly Skype sessions, finally we did a live recording with all of us together. It’s only a half hour, but we had a great time!

  1. Upcoming this week…
  2. We didn’t even bother with show notes. Seriously. Just listen, it’s good stuff.

And if you’ve got commentary, please sent it to for us to check out.

DISCLAIMER: It’s not that explicit, but you may want to use headphones if you’re at work.

ADDITIONAL DISCLAIMER: In case it is unclear, this is the story of 5 opinionated infosec pros who have sufficient opinions of their own they don’t need to speak for anyone except themselves. Ok? Good.

  • Liquidmatrix Staff Projects — gratuitous self-promotion
    1. The Security Conference Library
    2. Contribute to the Strategic Defense Execution Standard (#SDES) and you’ll be Doing Infosec Right in no time.
    3. If you’re interested in helping out with, drop a line to
  • Upcoming Appearances:  — more gratuitous self-promotion
    1. Dave: – Attending HITB Malaysia, Deepsec in Austria. And finally speaking at Hackfest in Quebec City.
    2. James: – Speaking at Hackfest.
    3. Ben: – Hanging out with his other toaster friends
    4. Matt: – Glossy eyed boy in love
    5. Wil: – Hacking banks across state lines
    6. Other LSD Writers: – wait? There are other writers?
  • Advertising – pay the bills…
    1. Hackfest registration is open
    2. Signing up for a SANS course? Be sure to use the code “Liquidmatrix_150” and save $150 off the course fee! And Liquidmatrix_5 for 5% off a course

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