So a few months ago, I received an email request to submit for the Security Zone conference in Cali Colombia.

I will be honest. I hesitated.

A number of people that I trust (to a certain extent) committed to going to the conference. And really, what did I have to lose?

Along with:

  • Ian Amit
  • Marco Balduzzi
  • Stefan Friedil
  • Michael Graven
  • David Kennedy
  • Dan Klinedinst
  • David Marcus
  • David Moreno
  • Chris Nickerson
  • Vivek Ramachandran
  • Wim Remes
  • Chris John Riley
  • Georgia Weidman

I am spending a week in Cali Colombia and having a great time.

Colombia in general and Cali in particular really do get a bad rap when it comes to reputation – yes, there are problems – but North Americans really REALLY underestimate South America.

I’m glad that I made the trip – not just for another opportunity to hang out with friends, but also to make new friends and to discover a new and frankly fabulous city and people.

Look for more updates soon!


  1. Man! im so glad i had the honor to met you, honestly i didnt knew you im not into computers i just use them to check my e-mail, facebook and twitter accounts, but you know what? good i didnt met you before, good i wasnt one of your fans, because that way i got to know you personally from scratch and guess what? when people is clear and honest it doesnt take too much time to make a place for them in some corner of my heart, you are a friend mister, really!! you got my e-mail, i hope you read this. hugs! and please come back soon. you are a winner dude and you have an amazing liver jaja you drank that bottle of aguardiente like if it was coke! bye

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