I found myself sitting in a hotel room in some random city recently with a glass of wine, several open powerpoint decks and Family Guy on the television. A moment of reflection if ever there was one. It occurred to me that Liquidmatrix just had it’s 17th birthday this past February.

That is a helluva long time for a website of any description. It has been a lot of fun to see the site grow from an insanely (ugly) basic HTML site to a heavily trafficked site with multiple members either writing and podcasting. I’ve been making a lot of architectural changes to the site and now, I’m going to start looking at working on new content.

What would you, the reader (yes, you) like to see? We will continue to prattle on as we always have on the podcast. Although, I’m figuring on moving that to a monthly event. It gets harder and harder to get everyone together as work gets crazier for all of and …well, kids.

It has been a great couple of decades working on this site and I’m looking forward to the years ahead. I’m taking the next couple of months to puzzle out the future direction. Another project that I’m puzzling out is setting up a SecureDrop instance in my copious free time /sarcasm.

There will be more podcast episodes presently. Thanks to all of those who have been listening. We greatly appreciate it.

(Image used under CC from Skipology)

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