Though RSAC2016 is a time when security vendors launch a hundred mediocre initiatives, there are always brilliant exceptions — a piece of content or promotion so freakin’ awesome that it makes up for all the garbage.

This year a video from Duo Security is the winner, in my humble opinion.

In the video, famed researcher Dan Kaminsky talks about a security audit at Microsoft that showed Clippy doing more harm than good. Kaminsky spent three years working with Microsoft on their Vista, Server 2008, and Windows 7 releases.

“Windows Vista was to be Microsoft’s most secure operating system, and one day, we find the Microsoft agent refined the  software behind Clippy,” Kaminsky says in the video.

“The moment we find it, we all know we’re not going anywhere until we get Clippy, ’cause let me tell you, if this is to be the most secure operating system Microsoft has ever done, it is not containing the most annoying — and, by the way, some of the oldest code — ever shipped in Windows.”

The Video


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