//The Myrcurial Fund (Official sounding talk first)

The Myrcurial Fund is being established to honour and celebrate the sacrifice and contributions of James Arlen to the Canadian and larger InfoSec community. It will be designed to help young members of the community that share his sense of duty, work ethic, and family. James has tirelessly worked within the community to educate, direct, and inspire emerging security professionals.

By providing scholarships, bursaries and awards, the Fund aims to foster the achievement of excellence, and to broaden technical and community opportunities for emerging security professionals in Canada.

The Fund hopes to provide a program of annual scholarships, with recipients selected by industry or community institutions on the basis of technical merit, financial need, and community participation.

We are currently in the very necasnt stages of building the Myrcurial Fund. Please contact us at MyrcurialFund@liquidmatrix.org for more information.

//Personal Note (How wintr makes it about him…)

I had not even met Myrcurial in person when he first started to take me under his wing. After a brief TV appearance he sent me notes on Twitter: “Don’t play with your mug”, “Stop touching your hair”. Simple advice, but it was the beginning of a gentle mentor-ship that included guidance in more domains than just InfoSec directly. Jamie started to invest in me.

Over time, he would open doors for me in every aspect of InfoSec and give me every opportunity to become a larger part of the community I was discovering.

I’m not the only person who has had this experience. I have been blessed to personaly see how much James has touched so many people, and the effect that he has had on their lives. Be it his work on InfoSec directly, entertaining the masses from the stage (with or without pants and robot dancing), thanklessly running so many events and conferences, or his community building with Hackerspaces, Jamie gives so much of himself, never asking anything in return.

We need to celebrate these people, let them know what they mean to us. And in doing so, we can take that celebration and pay it forward, just as Jamie does with every spare minute he has. It was a natural decision to start the fund.

//What happened to the DefCon Money? (Oh, good question)

When we first publicaly announced the idea at DefCon 21 this past year, we passed around a hat, or a plastic beer bucket really, while the Alex Hutton Elastic beer cloud gifted drinks. We collected $1461 dollars in Cash, and reigning champs Zoz and Lintile donated their winnings back to us. There are a few other verbal agreemets for donations, but I wanted to be clear about the $1561 dollars from DefCon 21.

We still have this cash. It has been placed in escrow until we are able to sort out the finer details of how to run a fund. We will try to be as transparent as possible about the handling of cash within compliance with whatever rules we end up requireing compliancing with.

//When will this all happen?

Currently, this is a best effort project. We will try to update as new information becomes available. There are many meetings and discussions to be had before any papers get signed.

//How can I help out?

We have had several messages from individuals looking to help fundraise or wondering how they can help out. All I can say at this point is sit tight. Until we know more about the shape of things we would prefer not collect more cash. Stay tunned, we are sure there will be lots to do in the future. We’re going to need voulenteers at our Myrcurial Fund Piss-ups…uh… Fundraisers.

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