Dave In The Media

Dave in print

As a result of my life as a security advocate I do a lot of media interviews. I finally realized that I should compile a list of them. Here is a bunch of them but, there are quite a few that are now lost to the mists of time.

Are you a member the media? If you would like to have me a do a TV, radio or print interview please contact me using our form. Also, you can try and get me on Twitter where my handle is @gattaca.


Previous interviews:

November 17, 2016Gulf NewsLink
October 5, 2016CSO Online Link
September 22, 2016Global TVLink
August 25, 2016CSO OnlineLink
August 25, 2016Securityandaag.nlLink
August 11, 2016BrighttalkLink
July 21, 2016IANSLink
June 27, 2016Infosecurity MagazineLink
June 24, 2016CBC NewsLink
April 14, 2016Dark ReadingLink
March 1, 2016Network ComputingLink
January 22, 2016EngadgetLink
December 1, 2015SC MagazineLink
October 6, 2015Toronto StarLink
August 31, 2015Daily MailLink
August 31, 2015The Hamilton SpectatorLink
August 30, 2015Toronto StarLink
August 20, 2015CNNLink
August 20, 2015Fox 43Link
June 22, 2015IT World CanadaLink
June 17, 2015IT World CanadaLink
June 15, 2015CSO OnlineLink
June 11, 2015SC MagazineLink
June 11, 2015IT World CanadaLink
April 28, 2015Bank InfosecurityLink
January 28, 2015CBC NewsLink
January 8, 2015The State of SecurityLink
December 30, 2014CBC Metro MorningLink
December 18, 2014Toronto StarLink
September 26, 2014CBS NewsLink
May 27, 2014CBC NewsLink
April 14, 2014The Globe and MailLink
April 11, 2014CBC NewsLink
March 12, 2014PC MagLink
February 4, 2014CBC NewsLink
January 24, 2014MashableLink
January 22, 2014The AtlanticLink
November 13, 2013ITBusinessLink
October 9, 2013IT World CanadaLink
July 30, 2013SecurityWeekLink
December 6, 2012The RegisterLink
November 30, 2012The RegisterLink
October 18, 2012The RegisterLink
December 22, 2011The RegisterLink
October 3, 2011CBC NewsLink
November 29, 2007Tech TargetLink
June 1, 2007Tech TargetLink
September 1, 2006Tech TargetLink